Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week 1 Predictions!

I gotta say, it feels like Christmas! The first NFL game is tonight, with a rematch of the NFC Championship game. So here is a list of what you can expect from this weekend's games:


Minnesota 17 @ New Orleans 31 (Not enough firepower for the Vikings to keep up with the Saints.)


Carolina 24 @ NY Giants 20 (Upset Pick)

Atlanta 27 @ Pittsburgh 13 (Dennis Dixon's first start won't be a good one)

Cleveland 10 @ Tampa Bay 13 (Gave the advantage to the home team. If it were at Cleveland I would have taken the Browns.)

Denver 14 @ Jacksonville 16 (Upset Pick. Jacksonville probably won't win a ton of games this year, but I like them against Denver.)

Indianapolis 31 @ Houston 23 (Houston could very well win this game. I think they will probably win one of the two meetings this year.)

Miami 21 @ Buffalo 10 (Buffalo needs to get an elite quarterback instead of stockpiling elite running backs.)

Detroit 9 @ Chicago 17 (I think Detroit will win one of the games this year in the series, but not this one. I think it will take a few games for Matt Stafford to get the offense running somewhat smoothly.)

Oakland 10 @ Tennessee 17 (I hear a lot of rumors about Jason Campbell being Oakland's savior. He did pretty well in Washington, so that is a reasonable conclusion... not. He will be an improvement over Jamarcus Russell though.)

Cincinnati 31 @ New England 24 (Upset Pick - I think Cincinnati is overhyped, but I like them in this one.)

Arizona 17 @ St. Louis 6 (Going to be a long game for Sam Bradford in his first NFL start.)

San Francisco 24 @ Seattle 17 (San Francisco has the team in place to make a decent playoff run this year.)

Green Bay 42 @ Philadelphia 28 (Too much firepower for Green Bay. Kevin Kolb will have an ok game as he takes over the reigns of the offense in Philly.)

Dallas 24 @ Washington 31 (Upset Pick - I think Donavan is going to give the 'Skins some leadership that they have been missing in years past from Jason Campbell. I think they will do well this year.)


Baltimore 24 @ NY Jets 10 (I am hearing too many things about the Jets being the team to beat in the NFL this year. The Jets are awful, they barely made the playoffs last year. They did make a big splash in the free agent market, but I don't see it paying off. I think Baltimore has a good chance to win a Superbowl this year, and they will get off to a good start in Week 1.)

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  1. 10 Correct and 5 Incorrect. You get a passing grade on your predictions this week...not bad.